71 ARQUITECTOS is not an architectural studio, it is an experimentation studio. Each project is a living organism that goes through several scenarios to the “best case scenario”, which is the final work. Rigor, functionality and aesthetics are the ground floor of the requirement, our attitude is to achieve more, much more and create author solutions in every detail of each moment of each project.

71 ARQUITECTOS is not an architecture studio, it is a studio of everything that architecture involves, and influences, and what we call human behavior.

Emanuel Jorge Romão

Palmela 1976. In 1997 he started his studies at the Escola Secundária Especializada em Ensino Artístico António Arroio, in the technological course of Equipment Design. He entered the Architecture course at Universidade Lusíada in 2000 and ended in 2005. During his studies, he collaborated in several architectural offices.

Between 2000 and 2001, he interns with the architect João Carrilho da Graça. Collaborating in the remaining years with the architects Carlos Mourão, architect Gonçalo Byrne, architect Gabriela Gonçalves, Geurts & Schulze architectene, architect Inês Lobo. In 2007, he created the TURA touring architecture. In 2009, 71 ARCHITECTS starts. In 2010 he is invited to the artistic collective Madalena.

Paula Lemos Romão

Viseu 1975. In 1993 He began his studies in the field of Interior Architecture, joining the Decorative Arts / Interior Architecture course at the Escola Superior de Artes Decorativas of the Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Foundation, concluding in 1997. He joined in 2003 the Architecture course at Universidade Lusíada ending in 2005.

Collaboration between 1998 to 2009 at Atelier ARTICA ARQUITECTOS. After completing his academic training, he developed several projects, co-authored. In 2010 joins 71 ARQUITECTOS.